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I never regret getting you as my moving company. You facilities are complete. Your storage room is clean because you let me have one unit of your storage facilities. I never worry too much because I know my stuff is in the good hands of a trusted moving company. I am just amazed because you only charge me cheap compared to the service you gave to me. Well, thank you for that. I am now in vacation and I’m hoping that you will take care of my things. I will be there next month to move to our new home with my husband.-----Lauren, 42, St. Catharines’s

At first, I decided to do my move on my own but then I realized that I can’t do it since I have 2 beds and appliances. I am very hesitant to call a moving company because of my experience last year where my TV was broken. But I tried my luck with this moving company. Well, you really made me happy. You did an extra careful job for my appliances especially with my electronics. I am strict maybe but I’m sure you will feel the same way if you’re in my shoes. What I can say is you are really a credible company. You are fast and careful. Thank you guys.-----Noel, 39, St. Catharines’s

I just had my move yesterday and it was really awesome. My new apartment is located on the 7th floor of the building but still hey help me carry all my stuff to my room. Your movers are very hardworking and responsible. My husband is a military and he is not here to help me but he wants to extend his gratitude to the 3 movers who help me. One thing why I am writing this appreciation to you is that you came so early and my move finished for almost 45 minutes. That was really cool! Thank you so much guys, I will hire you again in the future.-----Ryzza, 28, St. Catharines’s

Your moving service is very good. I am so happy about the movers. Actually, they possess a good quality working attitude which I like the most. You made my move successful and stress-free. Thank you.------Liza, 34, St. Catharines’s

My move with your movers was very memorable. They made me happy about the output of my move. You were terrific!!! Thank you.------Aaron, 19, St. Catharines’s